Making a business of mining cookies


Western Museum of Mining & Industry teaches more than 6,000 children each year the basics of mining in the Western United States. One way the museum does that is through mining the chocolate chips out of cookies.

On Dec. 27, Brad Poulson, the museum's program coordinator, led children and the adults in their lives on a tour of the museum to give them a feel for the business of mining. Then he showed them how to create their own mining business. Each mining team created a name for their mine, selected a president, an accountant; miners, mostly children who remove chips with toothpicks or paperclips; and a reclamation specialist, who puts the cookie back together after the chips have been removed.

The mine (cookie) and the tools were bought with a limited number of “Mining Dollars” and chips were bought back from the mine. The object of the exercise is to make good mining investments up front and earn a profit in the end.


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