Donkey Derby provides asinine entertainment in district for 82 years


The Donkey Derby Race is a three-quarter-mile race down Bennett Ave from the Jail Museum to the Cripple Creek District Museum.

Along the way, teams must stop at different stations, or check points, and perform a task.

At the finish line, racers must show their “Race Card” with all the stations marked off. The various stations are:

• “Git Yer Gold” - teams must dig through a pile of bags of “gold” to find the two with their team number on them, then load the bags onto the donkey.

• “Git Yer Suit” - one team member must dig through a pile of suit coats to find the one with their team number on it, and then put it on and wear it all the way to the finish line. • “Do-See-Do Yer Donkey” - teams must weave with their donkey through 4 poles set up in a line.

• “Git An Apple” - they have to bob for an apple and make sure it gets to the finish line. • “Kiss The Purty Girl” - Teams get a read “lip” stamp on their race


At the finish line teams must unload all their gear and show the judge their completed race card.

The first team to successfully do this, wins.

• The Businessmen’s Race - Teams are made up of two to five humans and one of our local donkeys. It is open to local business people only. They start in the parking lot of the Cripple Creek District Museum and the finish line is at 2nd Street and Bennett Avenue.

All team members and the Donkey have to cross the finish line together.


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