Couple shares secrets of successful marriage: Soon to celebrate 48 years


For Neil and Sheila Naviasky, the secrets to wedded bliss are being friends, laughing with each other and sharing the same values.

“We'll be married 48 years on the Fourth of July,” Sheila Naviasky said. “He never forgets our anniversary.”

“Yep, 48 fun-filled-years,” Neil Naviasky added.

The couple went to the same high school in Baltimore but didn't meet until Sheila Naviasky graduated a year and half after her future husband.

“We met on a blind date set up by his best friend and my best friend,” Sheila Naviasky said.

They married when she was a senior in college. They raised a son and daughter in Maryland and then moved to Colorado in 1999.

“We took a wrong turn on I-70 and here we are,” Neil Naviasky said. “At first we rented in Colorado Mountain Estates and then built a home nearby.”

“We're friends; that's true,” Neil Naviasky said. “But we also have the same value systems.”

“It's not just politics but that's part of it,” Sheila Naviasky said.

“A lot of our values are demonstrated by our politics,” Neil Naviasky said. “(They're in) how we behave with one another.”

“In how we care about people,” Sheila Naviasky added and then together in almost one voice the two of them said, “For the common good.”

“We're not great do-gooders but it's our philosophe that we are our brother's keepers,” Neil Naviasky said.

“I don't think we could have been married so long if we didn't share the same politics,” Sheila Naviasky said. “I know some couples have had successful marriages despite political differences but I don't think that would have worked for us.”

Another key to the Naviasky's wedded longevity is that they have separate interests, they said.

“I volunteer for several charities including the Florissant Public Library while Neil is more comfortable in his home workshop,” Sheila Naviasky said.

“We have to keep things fresh,” Neil Naviasky said. “We have a strong respect for each other and I actually believe she is smarter than I am. That makes for interesting conversations.”

He added: “The essence of a good relationship is that it's not dependent on events like Valentine's Day or anniversaries. It won't work if you can't get it right most of the other times.”

Other pieces of advice include never going to sleep not talking to each other and always try to put things in perspective.

“A life-time relationship is the `life-time,'” Sheila Naviasky said. “In the scheme of things the minutia doesn't compare to living together. Life is too short to let the little things bother you.”

“It also helps that the other person is still HOT,” Neil Naviasky said.


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