Brennan is a force for AARF


A dog’s best friend, Dottie Brennan is forever finding homes for the lost, the abandoned and the starved. Cheerleader and worker bee for the Adoptable Animal Rescue Force, AARF, Brennan has a wealth of stories to tell, each loaded with ulterior motive.

Her latest one is about two Anatole shepherds, brother and sister, 7 years old. They’ve been together all their lives and AARF is dedicated to finding a home for the team, Bear and Bronco. “They’re loveable, friendly, love people,” she said. “They’re just gorgeous. And they’re both current on their shots”

However, Bear and Bronco need a home with a large fenced area. “We want to give the dogs to someone who will appreciate them,” Brennan said. “They just sit and look at you and those eyes, you melt.”

While Brennan is tiny, may look a little frail, she’s a tiger when it comes to being an adoptable force in the dog world. “We’ve just hit the 300 mark, of taking in dogs and finding homes for them,” she said, referring to 2013 through the first half of November. “We’ve had a remarkable year.”

Brennan, along with 20 volunteers with the nonprofit organization, has acquired a regional reputation. “People call us from all over the area,” she said. “If the dogs are going to be put down, we’ll take them.”

As the dogs keep coming, now including two Great Pyrenees puppies, they’re kept in foster homes as well as at Keith McKim’s Florissant Kennels. When the foster parents adopt their charges, there goes another foster home; therefore, there is always a need for others to foster pets, Brennan said.

On Saturdays, Brennan and a team of volunteers take potential adoptees to PetSmart at Constitution and Powers for the adoption fair.

An organization ever on the lookout for funding, a recent $500 donation by Cruise above the Clouds Car show helps pay the monthly payment on one of the vans. In addition to the windfall, the Woodland Park Walmart donates pet food every two weeks.

If she isn’t rescuing dogs, Brennan works one day a week greeting visitors to the Greater Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce.

“Working here at the chamber and doing this for AARP has just been the nicest thing that could happen,” she said. “The two things combined work so well.”

For information about AARP, call Brennan at 748-9091.